Automation makes your work easier: focus on the essentials.

Experienced experts with the personal touch

From automation to system design: Analyse & Design has years of experience and in-depth expertise. We will get your project moving – with care and an overarching approach beyond the individual disciplines involved. In addition, we can contribute our specific expertise in sensitive areas with high volumes of data, such as payment transactions or travel management.


When it comes to automation, we will work with you to make full use of every possibility to have time-consuming routine tasks taken care of by the system in order to save you money. In doing so, we also think beyond the individual disciplines to come up with solutions that tap into unused potential, ensuring they can still be administered by you. This interdisciplinary approach enables us to link system architecture and implementation.


In addition, thanks to our experience, our tried-and-tested tools and our great understanding for the requirements of our customers, we are in a position to be able to network system components even in restrictive or complex environments. We track down possibilities for automation that no one else has even thought of yet. Even with all this automation, we don’t lose sight of the cost efficiency of our solutions.


We can contribute a great deal of ETL knowledge to the data warehouse environment: By linking various interfaces and integrating information from various sub-systems, we are able to increase efficiency and minimise the administrative burden. Because we also use open-source tools in ETL, we are able to implement smaller projects ourselves or automate subsections that would otherwise not justify an investment in ETL.


Analyse & Design helps you to use data consistently across a number of systems. Using databases, we create coordination points for various processes – including in restrictive IT environments. For us, the topic of monitoring and security represents an ongoing process of measuring, controlling and regulating – one that is supported by our own developments, among others. In this respect, we do not just see databases as isolated data repositories but as part of an intelligent environment that represents the basis for the automation of processes.

System design

When it comes to system design, Analyse & Design combines experience and expertise in developing concepts that link data flows with one another. To do this, we make intelligent use of ETL, databases and the right software tools to come up with new possibilities for automation and a more efficient use of existing resources.

Industry know-how

Customers have been entrusting us with the management of their sensitive data for many years. Our experience and care when handling even large quantities of data make us a reliable partner, from system design to all-round outsourcing.

In terms of electronic payment transactions, we manage the processing of SEPA, EBICS and SWIFT processes from the bank side – including the time-critical processing of communications with the German Central Bank. Here, in particular, the priority is the utmost care and a customer relationship built on trust, as well as expertise and experience.

In travel management, we create solutions to merge data from various fields, thus creating the basis for integrated evaluations and cross-process controls. Here, the focus is on linking various interfaces with one another, taking into account data security and data privacy principles. This results in efficient solutions that can help to control and manage the software roll-out for the customer with minimal staff involvement.