Many ways lead to a solution. It is important to use the right tools to achieve a perfect solution.

Using the right tools

We put our trust in tried-and-tested software – both open-source and commercial. We are resellers or retail partners for essential tools such as AutoMate, Pentaho and CrushFTP. In order to expand their potential for customer requirements, we also draw on our own developments in the implementation of projects.

Open-source and commercial software

In terms of open-source software, we put our trust in tried-and-tested solutions. This enables us to implement low-cost, high-quality, solutions – even with smaller projects that cannot justify an investment in licences for commercial software. We are a registered partner for the versatile open-source software Pentaho.

We are official resellers of AutoMate, a great tool for automating business processes from HelpSystems, LLC. We also sell the flexible file transfer tool, CrushFTP.

Own developments

We have perfected our own tools through years of practical use. This enables us to expand the number of options available for existing solutions. This benefits our customers because we already have a collection of applications that have proven themselves in practice. Some of these include script and program frameworks for standard tasks in Windows and Unix/Linux, as well as our DirectoryCheck, ADCCFTPCmd and SFTPSync tools.

Our own innovations really come into their own in the optimised communication between different interfaces. Of course, Analyse & Design also develops tailored solutions according to the specifications of our customers.